You were born with the world’s most advanced operating system. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

What is Innervision?

Innervision uses Eidetic Imagery to accesses unconscious beliefs encoded in the brain—and rapidly extinguishes undesirable, self-limiting behaviors while unleashing our most effective genetic capabilities, perspectives and actions.

Eidetic Imagery

Eidetic Images are pictures seen in the mind, much like a movie image or photograph. Research has found that these images are neurologically recorded in the brain and stored for future reference. The process of uncovering them breaks down the habitual, knee-jerk reactions that result in discordant solutions to life and work problems.

Innervision for business

Innervision harnesses the power of Eidetic Imagery for business allowing you to uncover innovative solutions to professional dilemmas, lessen conflict, uncover the true genius within each person, illuminate optimum courses of action, increase competence and esteem, cultivate leadership ability and build team unity.

"Eidetic imagery helped increase my mindfulness and confidence around navigating difficult and emotionally-charged situations. I have used these tools in my personal and professional life to help drive more successful interactions and outcomes."
Selin Song, Managing Director of Global Strategy & Operations, Google Marketing Solutions
“I have found that these images effectively and permanently free blocked energy that allows people to get on successfully with their lives.”
Carol Jenkins, journalist and WNBC-TV News anchor
“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”